What is “Union Democracy”?

do you believe that public employees should be allowed to have choices when it comes to union representation?

if you said, “yes,” Then you support union democracy.

79% of union members believe they should have the right to choose which union represents them.

During a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty for Connecticut’s middle class, public service workers across the state are fighting to make their voice — and choice — heard.

Tired of public sector unions that put special interests above the needs of workers, Connecticut’s public service workers are asking for the right to choose who represents their most precious rights at the bargaining table.

Recertification election would do just that.

In short, recertification election would allow public employees in Connecticut to vote on which public sector union represents them in negotiations over their pay, time off, health insurance coverage and many more vital benefits.

Workers are able to elect the officials of their union, so why can’t they elect which union represents them? 

Join us to support union recertification in Connecticut by signing our petition below!

“Bring Democracy Back to the Union!”

“Bring Democracy Back to the Union!”

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Yes! Workers should be able to vote on which union represents them.

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